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We picked up a donated collection of zines from Jessica Max Stein at her home in Brooklyn. We have four of Max's zines in the Barnard Zine Library/CLIO dating back to 2004.

Excerpted email transcript between Max and our zine librarian.

Max: I'm cleaning out my zine collection - any interest in looking through what I'm getting rid of for the zine library?

Jenna: I'm happy to add your collection to the Barnard Zine Library, but I've got a big backlog right now. Because of that I feel morally compuncted to recommend other zine libraries, as well. Do you have thoughts on what you want for your collection? Do you want it to stay local? Prefer it be somewhere that will preserve them forever? Makes it easy for people to visit?  Keeps them together as a collection? Catalogs them individually? Cared for by a person with a certain sun sign?

Max: Wow, I didn't realize I had that many options. I just wanted to give them away to somewhere that appreciated them instead of just tossing them. What do you recommend?

Jenna: Appreciation is an excellent criterion! I'm also happy to take them and will hug them and kiss them and love them.