New to Us Zines: October 27, 2017

October 24, 2017

Acquired from the Creator

Book Bombs #2: We Walk Asking Questions by Michelle Wilson and Mary Tasillo, 2010

Eat Your Words by Soapbox, 2015

Ice Breakers Are Awkward by Alana Kumbier and Noah Decaf, 2015

Ker-Bloom! no. 122: Dan, Always by Artnoose, 2016

Trouvaille: A Roadside Attraction Fanzine no. 1: An Introduction to Novelty by Violet Fox, 2017

"But let's be honest--the U.S. doesn't have a patent on kitsch, but it does it extraordinarily well."

Violet by Violet, 2016

Gift of Allison Hadfield

Kicking the Crap Out of Cancer: The Adventures by Gennivieve Collier, 2016

I eventually decided to have breasts , because I wanted to keep my nipple (alth0ugh I knew that it w0uld l00se sensation) , and because in Australial , p0st-cancer surgery is free. 

I've never been able t0 resist a bargain.

Gift of Lissa Goldstein

Cherry no. 2? by Kate Koz, 1993ish?

Fried Hair Green Puke Bomb no. 1 by Stephanie, 1993

i remember you. 
you are the one who told me
that you'd take me away
from all of this!
but you didn't!
'cause at the time, you only
had a bus pass, two marbles
and a piece of Laffy Taffy. 
man, i hated being ten.

Generation L by Lisa Carver, 1994

Gogglebox #1 by Jennifer Bleyer, 1993

Plume no. 9 by Sheila Burgel, 1995

Septophilia Mail-Order no. 2 by Sarah and Jen Wolfe, 1994

Tease no. 3 and Cool Senior High Issue by Jen, 1994

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

New mothers. 

Roadside architecture.