Gift of Erica Cardwell, Pre-College Program Professor in 2017

portrait photo of Erica Cardwell

Coast to Coast Feminism by Chloe Xiang & Ev, 2017

The Feminist Agenda by Sara V. & Dinah B., 2017

Frida the Feminist by Evelyn Fort, 2017

Life Lessons: As Told by All Types of Women, 2017

One of a Kind Together by McKenzie Days, 2017

Requiem for a Teen: A Journey of Self-Realization, Reclamation of Womanhood and its Role in Radical Society Progression by Emma Villarreal, 2017

Ropes by Meredith P. and Bella W., 2017

Square Room by Dixie Jean, 2017

Gift of the Creator at the Zine Librarians unConference in 2017

Claremont College Library Zine Collection, 2017

Marriott Library Zine Collection, 2017

covers of Marriott Library Zine Collection zines: scissors and typewriter

Acquired from the Creator at the Long Beach Zine Fest in 2017

How to Break Artist's Block by Daisy Sortibran

Long Beach Zine Fest program zine, 2017

zine pages waiting to be collated

The Power of Journalism: Be a Zine Machine by Sascha Rice and Wholeeah, 2017

The World of Zines by Wholeeah, 2017

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Artist's block.


Kahlo, Frida.