New-to-Us Zines: November 3, 2017

November 1, 2017

Acquired from the Creator

All Was Well: An Analysis of Therapeutic Techniques for PTSD in Harry Potter by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2016

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Anecdata #1 by Olivia M., 2015

Asexual Content #1: Relationships by Olivia M., 2016

Chipped Teeth: a Perzine About Mental Health #4 by Nicole Harring, 2015

Collide: On Physical and Mental Illness #3: Family by JC, 2015

Ker-Bloom! #124: Spectral Vessel by Artnoose, 2017

Noisy Jewelry #1 by She-ra, 1992

Shared Authority: Zine Union Catalog for Beginners by Jenna Freedman, Lauren Kehoe, Marti Massana Ferre, and Alex Segal, 2017

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Gift of Yvonne Ng

Cutlass #8 by Janice Flux, 2003

but i am not male, or trans, or really gender queer; i am girl like you have never seen

I Can See by Your Outfit That You Are a Cowboy: The First Six by Janice Flux, 2004

Misfit Toy by Vix Spooky, 2002ish?

Mixer by Una Crow, 2002

Nervous Organism by Rita Wong, 2003

No One Saw the Carny Go... #1 by Janice Flux, 199x?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Asexual people. 

Asexuality (Sexual orientation)

Digital humanities. 

Political poetry. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder in literature. 

Warehouses--Fires and fire prevention.