New to Us Zines: November 21, 2017

November 20, 2017

From the Creator

Librarian Field Notes by Kate Kitchens, 2017

If the queer librarian content isn't enticing enough, read this zine for the commentary from Trout, the author's cat overlord. 

online version

From the Creator at the NYC Femininist Zinefest

Older Than the ADA by JC, 2015

People from the Cold Sea, 2017?

A Queer Cousin Story by Farha Najah, 2017

Radical Domesticity #5-6 by Emma Karin, 2015

Refusal, 2017

Richmond Independent Zine Library, 2016

Safe Home #3: Safe Care for These Trying Times by Sarah, 2017?

"When the world feels super shitty, I like thinking about books & shows from when i was younger. I don't think things were better, but those things feel wholesome and less complicated."

Sex Dreams by Meowville, 2017

Sinvergüenza #3, vol. 1-2 by Jamie, 2017

"3. A derogatory term my Puerto Rican-born grandmother uses to describe any woman, especially a woman with children, who gets home after 10 p.m."

Truck Stops by Moose Lane, 2016?

Until the Darkness Was Gone #2 by Jenna Henry Hansen, 2017?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Antisocial personality disorders.

Heroin abuse--Personal narratives.

Libraries and gays--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Library outreach programs.

Truck stops.

United States--Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.