New to Us Zines: November 10, 2017

November 9, 2017

Acquired from the Creator at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2017

Crybaby spring/summer 2016 edited by Remi Riordan

Everything. Is. Fine. v. 1 n. 5: You've Got Mail by Nyxia Grey, 2017

Feminist or Not? by Jennifer Camper, 2016

FZF NYC (program) 2017

Gravestones with Commentary / Church Signs with Puns: a Flip Zine by Moose Lane and C'est What, 2016?

Gringa! by Kat Fajardo, 2015

It's Just a Little Crush by Stephanie Rodriguez, 2016

Lady Teeth #8 by Taryn Hipp, 2016

Lil' Chrissy: Candy Zine by Kelsey Smith, 201x?

(Meta)Paradox #5-6 by Olivia M., 2016

My Life Is a Library #12 by Connie Boje, 2016

Suggestions #3 by Kelsey Smith, 2016

This Tornado Loves You #1 by Lisa Blank, 2017

"i used to grow irises but nowadays i am trying to cultivate a generous heart."

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Cemeteries--Pictorial works.

Church signs--Pictorial works.