Acquired from the Creator

All by Myself: Community, Self Care, & Loneliness by Niamh Timmons, 2018

Alud by Victoria Ramírez Mansilla, 2018

zine cover: Alud

Breaking Down Borders by Shira Breen, 2018

The East Village Inky #59 by Ayun Halliday, 2018

zine cover: The East Village Inky #59

Ker-bloom! #133: Kaluaupapa by Artnoose, 2018

zine cover: Ker-bloom #133

Manual de Autodefensa Feminista: 6 Pasos Ilustrados by Nicolas Gonzalez and Cristian Toro, edited by Tarix Sepúlveda, 2018

zine cover: Manual de Audofensa Feminista

NSOP: Find Your Groove by Joy Tin Yan Lee, 2018

zine cover: NSOP Find Your Groove 2018
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Saludos De Tu Pena Gay by Sofia Bartsch, 2018

zine cover: Saludos De Tu Pena Gay

Studying Abroad as a Low-Income Student by Klea Kalia, 2018

Venus by the Granada Colectivo de Fotografas, 2018

zine cover: Venus

Your Guide to Textbook Affordability: Alternatives to Buying Expensive Class Texts compiled by Susu Rawwagah for the Barnard Library, 2018

Gift of Charlotte Price

Long Distance Hiking Zine #1-2 by Carrot Quinn, 2013 and 2018

zine cover: Long Distance Hiking Zine #1

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Chileans--Pictorial works.

College textbooks--Economics aspects.

Low income college students.

Molokai (Hawaii).

Monogamous relationships.

Natural disasters.

Security sector.