Acquired from the Creator

Feminist Pedagogy Zine edited by Jessa Lingel, 2018

cover: Feminist Pedagogy Zine

Femme in STEM by Briley Lewis, 2018

Info... Hammerhead by Alfonso González / María de los Angeles Vera, 2009

zine cover: Info...Hammerhead


Hola queridos by Maria, 2009

photo of a person in front of a blue background, looking back at the camera


Me Quiero Ir a la Yoni by Maria Isabel, 2011

zine cover: Me Quiero Ir a la Yoni

Nickname #2, 4 by Hurley Winkler and Aysha Miskin, 2018

Run Away: Family Stories by Niamh Timmons, 2017?

cover of Run Away zine

Stares by Niamh Timmons, 201x?

Tag: A Zine About Cataloging vol. 1, no. 1 by Sarah Small, 2018


Yo, Miss #6 by Lisa Wilde, 2018

cover: Yo, Miss zine #6

Gift of Maria

Chicle Sin Azucar: Historias Cortas y Tristes de los Anos 2016 hasta el 2018 by Erika Coello, 2018

cover: Chicle Sin Azucar zine


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Women scientists.