Acquired from the Creator

Crip Flashpoints by Juniper Timmons, 2018

Dead Ninas #13-14 by Maria, 2003-2004

cover of Dead Ninas zine #14

DePaul University University Library Special Collections and Archives, 2018?

Decker Library Erotic Collection by Kelly Swickard, 2018

"Don't Move, Improve!" Banana Kelly by Sheren Dayab, 2017

Hennepin County Library Zine Collection, 2018?

I Am Enough by Kat, 2017

Rekced vol. 1.5: the Back to Art School Edition by Allison Fischbach, 2017

Sticks & Stones #16: Names by the Barnard Zine Club, edited by Jade, Emily, Mia, and Magno, 2019

Teaching with Zines: Advice and Ideas about Using Zines in the Classroom from Your Friendly Neighborhood Zine Librarians, 2018

#TeamSwami Zine vol. 1 by Polianna Irizzary, 2017

Zine Libraries of Minnesota Unconsortium, 2018?