Acquired from the Creator

Canon Fodder #2 edited by Nicole Gervasio, 2018

pdf, digital book

Leonard Lief Library's Zine Collection by Joan Jocson-Singh, 2018

Long Division #3-5 by Joyana McDiarmid, 2015-2017

cover of Long Division 35

Organizers with Organizers by Radical Reference NYC, 2018

Please Don't Call Me a Lesbian: I'm a Freak by Johnna M. Gale, 2015

Popular Misogyny #1 by Stephanie Madison, 2018

Tributaries #7-8 by JC, 2017-2018

cover: Tributaries #7

Zine Pedagogy! A "Scruffy Little" Lesson for Prof. Lie's FYS by Katy Lasell, 2018


The Ninja Grrrl Times #2-3 by Rachel, Marissa, and Elizabeth, 2002-2003

New-t0-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Herbert H. Lehman College--Leonard Lief Library.

Knowledge workers.