Acquired from the Creator, some at the NYC Feminist Zinefest 2018

Bending Spoons: A Field Guide to Ablest Microaggressions by M. Sabine Rear, 2015

interior pages of Bending Spoons zine

Fanny & Flo's Femme Gazette #1 by Fanny and Flo, 2018

Future Fantasteek #19 by Jackie Batey, 2018

cover: Future Fantasteek #19

GTFO Get the Fuck Outside vol. 5: Don't Panic by Moose Lane, 2017 or 2018?

In|Di|Visible by Asian American Heritage Month club, 2018

Ker-bloom! #131: Starstruck by artnoose, 2018

Lil' Shorties by Stephanie Rodriguez, 2016 (second edition)

Quechualish: An Indigenous Language Mini-zine by Sandy Rodriguez, 2018

zine cover: Quechualish

See Sandy: A Kid's Story in English, Spanish, and Quechua by Sandy Rodriguez and Gabriel Gonzales, 2018

cover: See Sandy zine

St. Sucia: A Zine Exposing What It Is to Be a Mujer in Contemporary Society #1, 3 by Isabel Ann Castro and Natasha I. Hernandez, 2015

zine cover: St. Sucia, with a cup of salsa on the top left corner

You Don't Get There from Here #46 by Carrie McNinch, 2017

zine cover: You Don't Get There from Here #46

Gift of Alyssa Spatola

The 3 of Us: The Feeling Is Multiplied by Blue Crow

zine from all angles

Read online.

Things We Ate: Brazil edition by Allistair Johnson and Debbie Fong, 2014

zine cover: Things We Ate Brazil Edition

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Quechua language.