Acquired from the Creator (most at the NYC Feminist Zinefest in 2018)

Capitalist Co-optation: Commodification of Self-Care by Lucy Danger, Joelle Santiago, Klarizsa Padilla, and Phoebe Yusina, 2018

Cellphone Filmmaking: Getting Creative with Your Media Tools by the Barnard Media Center, 2019

Columbia University's 'Gym Crow' and the Politics of Public Space (a Zine) by Josie Naron, 2018?

Femmescapes vol. 3 by Charles Theonia and Julieta Salgado, 2017

cover: femmescapes, volume 3

GRL TRBL #1-2 by Emerald Pellot, 2017-2018

Just Encased v. 1 by Danielle Susi and Siobhan Gallagher, 2017?

zine cover: just encased vol. 1

Lady Teeth #7 by Taryn Hipp and Dude Swirl by Jonas, 2015?

Más Vale Vivas y Combativas Que Sumisas Maltratada, 2018?

zine cover: Más Vale Vivas y Combativas

No Lady by Anonymous with art by Neta Bomani, produced by Prison Culture, 2018

zine cover: No Lady Anonymous B 32018

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NYC Feminist Zinefest by Suze Myers, 2018

re:bound: A Graphic Memoir by Britina Cheng, 2018

cover: re:bound a graphic memoir by britina cheng

Sick pt. 3 by Jayla Patton, 2016

zine cover: Sick, pt. 3

Yes Ma'am #12 by Suzy Gonzalez and Elle Minter, 201x?

zine cover: Yes Ma'am #12

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New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Frankfurters--Comic books, strips, etc.

Meat industry and trade.

Morningside Heights (New York, N.Y.)--Buildings and structures.

Public spaces.