Acquired at the NYC Feminist Zinefest, 2018

Autonomous Feminist Organizing by the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Committee, 201x?

Microzine of Microaggressions by Suzy Gonzalez and Elle Minter, 2018

cover title: Microzine of Migroaggressions volume I

Room to Think by Linda Ocasio, 2018

Scenes from an Academic Library #1 and an untitled zine by Michelle Nitto, 2018

Tiny by Dawn Wing, 2018

What Are Demons Anyway #1 by Ceci Bergier, 2017

zine cover: What Are Demons Anyway

Yes Ma'am #9: I Need a Map to Get Us Outta This Town by Elle Minter and Suzy Gonzalez

zine cover: Yes Ma'am #9

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Acquired from the Creator

And That Is Love: Aggressively Gentle by Brianne Agnizle, 201x?

Girls Resist by Quirk Books, 2018

Zine cover: Girls Resist!

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Immediate (guessing at the title) by Immediate Fashion School, 2018

zine productions


Just Scraps by Sugene Yang-Kelly, 2018

Let's Print! by Suze Myers, 2018

Gift of Kristina Davis

Soso's World by Sophia Capaldi, 201x?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Alzheimer's disease--Patients--Family relationships.