Acquired from the Creator

Almost a Week of Beauty: An Adult That Barely Remembers to Wash Their Face Every Day Attempts a Korean-Style Skincare Routine by Brandy Erdmann, 2016

Are You There Brian? It's Me, Moisturizer by Julia Eff, 2017?

Brothers and Sisters, I Am an Atomic Bomb by Julia Eff, 2016?

Don't Piss Down My Back & Tell Me It's Raining by Julia Eff, 2016?

Hobo by Brandy Erdmann, 2017

The Ideal Has Many Names: Winston by Brandy Erdmann, 2016

Yard Wide Yarns #1-6, 11 by Jessica, 1993-1999

You Better Watch Where You Spit by Julia Eff, 2016


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Skin--Care and Hygiene