From the Creator

Ker-Bloom! #128: Cargo Bike by Artnoose, 2017

Mapping the Ambient Awareness of Our Participatory Media: An Attack on Kim Kardashian Is an Attack on America by Holly Meadows-Smith, 2016

Xerography Debt #44 edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, 2018

Purchased from Brown Recluse Zine Distro

La Bola de Cristal #1-2 by Ari Perezdiez, 2014

Hairy Femme Mother #2 by Jen Venegas, 2017

Hazlo Tu Misma by Vienna et al, 201x?

I Want to Read About... compiled by Eileen Ramos, 2017

Indigenize Hardcore & Punk! 2017

The Nizhoni Beat #1 by Amber McCrary and Melanie Fey, 2015

Nonbinary #0 by Juvon(ne) McNeill and Theo, 2016

Queer: A Love letter to My Mom by Farha, 201x?

Small Bikes Big Trees by Jen and Benji, 2014


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Kardashian, Kim 1980- .