New-to-Us Zines: December 8, 2017

December 7, 2017

Acquired from the Creator

Expulsión by Stephanie Newcomb and Luisa Mora Fernandez, 2016

Prêta #1: Mind, Body, Soul by Troy Frost '17, 2016

suggested psych ward improvement:

Therapists of many backgrounds to choose from and meet with consistently. Not just one guy named John that asks you all types of invasive questions when you arrive and then just says hi to you in the hallway on his way to his office for the rest of his time there.

Tenacious #36 edited by Vikki Law, 2016


Gift of Lissa Goldstein

Autonosexual Revolt #3: The Punk Rock Issue by Shawn Dicentralisti and Julia K., 1994ish?

Bark + Grass #2: Revolution Supper by Kim, 1994ish?

Standard Disclaimer: The info in this cookbook is intended for entertainment purposes only,We do not encourage anyone to use the recipes or tips in this book. The recipes do not actually work, trying to live on a vegan diet is unhealthy and unrealistic, and animals love pain.

Blue Roses #1 by Geneva Gano, 1994?

Foxy #1-5 by Keva Marie, 1994-1996?

Function #8 by Dawn, 1994?

Josh by Geneva Gano, 1994

Nervous Wreck #1 by Nadir, 1994ish?

Simba #8 by Vique Martin, 1994

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Bisexual feminism.

Cabo Verdean Americans.