Acquired from the Creator

5000 Cans of Spam: Food, Love and Politics by Sara Rosa Espi, 2017

Burnout by Sara Rosa Espi, 2017

Curiosity Killed the Cat, but It Saved My Bacon by Sara Rosa Espi, 2016

table of zines, one is "Curiosity Kill the Cat," another is "Fragile," the 3rd is upside down

Fashion Library Memor Zine: Not Just About the Cardigans and Spectacles by Justyna Burzynska, 2017

zine cover: Fashion Library Memor Zine

Ker-bloom! #127: Outer Space by Artnoose, 2017

Platonic Love Stories by Sara Rosa Espi, 2017

RatRock Guide to the Arts at Columbia University, 2017

Sticks & Stones #15: Party, edited by Jade, Emily, and Mia

zine cover - Sticks & Stones #15: Party


Too Much, Never Enough: Musings on Academia, AD(H)D and a Life in a Wild Mind by Sara Rosa Espi, 2016?

Gift of Marisa Robertson-Turner

Past Due: Bette by Adele and Blue, 1995

Rejected Band Names Presents...the Alternative Press Expo Review Spectacle edited by Jerianne, 2000?

You're Gonna Make It, After All: A Zine O' Love About Mary Tyler Moore by Blue Chevigny, 1994?


Memoir After Yet Another Rejection Letter by Nara Benoit Kornhauser, 2017? (found in the stacks)

Self Care Index: A Pocket Guide for Remembering the Things You Like to Do by Katie and Lora, 2016 (found in mailroom)

zine cover: self care index (hot pink background, title in a black heart)

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Attention-deficit disorder in adults.

Davis, Bette--1908-1989.

Mary Tyler Moore show (Television program).


South Africans--Netherlands.