This week we added zines about the erasure of language, Tibetan exiles in India, violence against women, animal rights, getting involved with a cat (and her lesbian human), and the importance of school libraries, DIY DJing instructions, and a three-piece comic noir series.

Acquired from the Creator

The Dame Vanishes #1-3 by Michelle Spadafore, 2018.

zine cover: The Dame Vanishes

Fourteenth Census of the United States 1920 presented by I.M. Epstein, 2018

cover: Fourteenth Census of the United States 1920 zine

Mam Tashe Chozom by Olivia Fredricks, 2019

The Nun by Olivia Fredricks, 2018

Pariah #7 Sapphik Corpse by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

zine cover: Pariah #7

Remix + Resist: A Workshop by DJ Jujú, Aguapanelamami and V4p0rú, 2019

zine front & back covers: Remix + Resist

This Cat Will Eat Your Documents and Other Stories of Lesbian Life presented by I.M. Epstein, 2018

zine cover: This Cat Will Eat Your Documents

Towards a Holistic Anti-Atrocity of Politics by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

Tsering Dolma by Olivia Fredricks, 2018

You Are a Sensitive Animal by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

Gift of Elaine Harger

Library Love Letters: A Collaborative K-12 Zine #1 Alphabetizing the Impact of Teacher-Librarians in Seattle Public Schools by Abby Levin, 2019

zine cover: Library Love Letters #1


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Buddhist nuns.

Disc jockeys--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Jewish families--United States--20th century.

Noir comic books, strips, etc.

Seattle Public Schools.


Women murderers.

Yiddish language.