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Acquired from the Creator (some at the NYC Feminist Zinefest 2019)

...Against Solipsism... by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

Chem-Positive: Psychedelic Manifesto by Zena McDonell and Renu Sagreiya, 2018

Hazards of Young Celebrity by Marissa Falco, 2018

zine cover: Hazards of Young Celebrity

Indulgence #13 by Eleanor Whitney, 2018

zine cover: Indulgence #13

Lost in Translation: The Disconnect Between Male Language and the Female Experience by Sophia Nuñez, 2018

OOMK: One of My Kind #6: Food edited by Sofia Niazi, 2017

zine cover: OOMK #6

Patriarchy Is the End of the World by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

Remember That Time...: Shanny Fanzine by Jenna Freedman, 2019

zine cover: Remember the Time

Scenes from an Academic Library: Me (A Lib. Clerk "Supervisor") on a Break, Probably Reading Not-Light Hearted Non-Fiction While Drinking Green Tea... by Michelle, 2018?

Sorority Mansion Review... #1: Year of the Dog by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

zine cover: Sorority Mansion Review #1 Year of the Dog

What Happens to Women??? by Aurora Linnea, 2018?

Gift of Chris Dodge

Tag: A Zine About Cataloging #1 by Sarah Small, 2018

zine cover: A Zine About Cataloging


Gift of Melissa Morrone

The Goddess of Drought by Molly Liu, 2017

zine cover: The Goddess of Drought

The Tradeswoman: A Compilation Zine by Kim Slovak and Sophie Santos, 2018

zine covers: The Tradeswoman

ZebraPizza v. 12 by Ziba Perez Zehdar and Jon-O Gazdeki

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Hallucinogenic drugs--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Women blue collar workers.

Women iron and steel workers.