The Zine Library is physically closed until further notice, but zine library staff are active. Email with questions, for research support, or to learn more about our growing COVID19 zine collection.

This past February, a group of middle schoolers from the Blue School, an independent school in the Financial District/South Seaport Area, took a field trip to the Barnard Zine Library. Repping as Library Ambassadors, a group of students who meet with the librarian once a week, they will be taking on a leadership role in curating and creating their very own zine library! Thanks to School Librarian Laura Winnick for the photographs, shared with permission from the students and their parents.

two girls making zines in front of zine stacks

We're honored to welcome people from other institutions to the Barnard Zine Library, and can't wait to see how their zines turn out!