New Zines Rollin' In!

  • Previously unseen zines by Alex Wrekk (and doubles of ones we have seen – stay tuned, zine-reading public! You'll see them on the shelves shortly).
  • Nearly 10 issues of OFF-Line, a zine that "incorporates veganism and anarchist philosophy and a 'good dose of humor'" (via The One Great Curse).
  • 3 issues of the perzine Somnambulist that starts off by saying "I have learned so much by writing about what I hate. I recommend doing this yourself."
  • So Midwest, a gargantuan perzine about working in a grocery store.
  • Zines about privilege, gentrification, and other social issues such as: The Gentrification Reader, 2nd Edition, Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass the Privilege, and
  • Mental health zines: Word Salad, Erik & Laura-Marie Magazine
  • Zines on media: Media Whore, Ms. Films DIY Guide to Film and Video, 2nd Edition
  • Kick butt zines about/for women: Best of Shebytches, Women's Self Defense, Handbook on Discussing the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival for Trans Activists and Allies

I'm quite excited to see these come to the archives and shelves soon – now it's time for me to get to work!