Why does Judith Butler have to be so hard?

I sat down with Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, salivating to sink my teeth into a juicy argument against the gender binary...only to be slapped in the face with sentences like "What happens to the subject and to the stability of gender categories when the epistemic regime of presumptive heterosexuality is unmasked as that which produces and reifies these ostensible categories of ontology?" ...

...And maybe I'm just saying this cuz I'm not smart enough to get it w/out reading it 8 times, but I don't really get the value in writing arguments in such undigestible, academic ways. Like, the language that gives he arguments credibility in the academic world also remove them from influencing anything real. I am so disgusted by academia that keeps all these great ideas to themselves and doesn't focus on the power they have to change how people think and live on a large scale.

Quotation from Wallflower Rebellion #3 published in 2001, used with permission by Hannah Hafter, a student at Mt. Holyoke at the time.