International Zine Day 2011

People started coming in at 11:00 for the 6 Hour Zine Challenge. We were prepared with a plethora of supplies.

People came from downtown, uptown, and even a few from Pratt Institute. We conducted interviews, folded paper, drank juice boxes of Bert and Ernie Berry, and created some really impressive labors of love. We even broke out the typewriter.

There were cookbooks, litzines, keepsakes zines, and we even had a couple of girls get into a zine war where each made a zine about the other. When asked about the zine challenge, zine intern Charlie was quoted saying "Total Anarchy!"

Several librarians made guest appearances, like Jenna Freedman, Lisa Norberg and Vani Natarajan. We had several students and Pre-College Program participants stop by and make a few pages for our compilation zine, which will soon be on shelves! We received a total of 13 new zine donated to the library, and next year we hope for even more. Thanks to all who participated, and we look forward to next year's July 21 - 21NES!