Zine List on Immigration and Nationality

Are you looking for zines on nationality and transition? Do you have any zines to add to the list? Click here to go to CUNY's blog to see Alycia Sellie's growing list of zines!

If you have questions, comments, or anything to add, email the Brooklyn CUNY zine collection at zinecollection@brooklyn.cuny.edu. The list includes authors and links to their respective blogs and etsy stores.

Several of the zines listed here are avaliable at the Barnard Zine Collection:

(Para)Transit Park Poems

Angry Black-White Girl

Atomic Daydream

Baa!: I'm a Sheep

Borderlands: Tales from Disputed Territories Between Races and Cultures

Building Up Emotional Muscles

Casa de los Trucos

Chica Loca #1: Ain’t No Porcupine

Chica Loca #2: The Dream Girls Issue

Chica Loca #3: Special Report Directly From the Third World

Chica Loca #5: Despair is in the Air


Cien Fuegos

Commotion: Young Women Raising Their Voices and Transforming Their Communities

Consider Yourself Kissed

Dear Sister George


Feels Like Friday

The First 7-inch Was Better: How I Became an Ex-Punk

Fusion: A Zine by the Original Outcast

Godzilla Says Hi #4


Hoax, #2: Feminism and Relationships Redux


I Lie Like a Rug


Instigations From the Whore Revolution: A Third Wave Feminist Response to the Sex Work “Controversy”

International Girl Gang Underground

La Frontera: The Border

Love Like Pop


Make Waves

Minimum Security

Moving Parts


Papercuts and Promises

Phenomenology of My Inactivity: Ruminations & Reluctancies

Photo Booth Toolbox

Pure Tuna Fish



Set On Freedom: Volume 6, American Poems


Skye is Falling No. 2: NYC Issue


Tooth and Nail Vol. 1

U vs. W

Ungrateful Black-White Girl

Unravelling the World  #3


Weapons of Mass Construction

Who is Fit for Motherhood?: Why Abortion is Not the Only Reproductive Right


You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania