Zine List on Immigration and Nationality

If you have questions, comments, or anything to add, email the Brooklyn CUNY zine collection at zinecollection@brooklyn.cuny.edu. The list includes authors and links to their respective blogs and etsy stores.

Several of the zines listed here are avaliable at the Barnard Zine Collection:

(Para)Transit Park Poems

Angry Black-White Girl

Atomic Daydream

Baa!: I'm a Sheep

Borderlands: Tales from Disputed Territories Between Races and Cultures

Building Up Emotional Muscles

Casa de los Trucos

Chica Loca #1: Ain’t No Porcupine

Chica Loca #2: The Dream Girls Issue

Chica Loca #3: Special Report Directly From the Third World

Chica Loca #5: Despair is in the Air


Cien Fuegos

Commotion: Young Women Raising Their Voices and Transforming Their Communities

Consider Yourself Kissed

Dear Sister George


Feels Like Friday

The First 7-inch Was Better: How I Became an Ex-Punk

Fusion: A Zine by the Original Outcast

Godzilla Says Hi #4


Hoax, #2: Feminism and Relationships Redux


I Lie Like a Rug


Instigations From the Whore Revolution: A Third Wave Feminist Response to the Sex Work “Controversy”

International Girl Gang Underground

La Frontera: The Border

Love Like Pop


Make Waves

Minimum Security

Moving Parts


Papercuts and Promises

Phenomenology of My Inactivity: Ruminations & Reluctancies

Photo Booth Toolbox

Pure Tuna Fish



Set On Freedom: Volume 6, American Poems


Skye is Falling No. 2: NYC Issue


Tooth and Nail Vol. 1

U vs. W

Ungrateful Black-White Girl

Unravelling the World  #3


Weapons of Mass Construction

Who is Fit for Motherhood?: Why Abortion is Not the Only Reproductive Right


You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania