Gardening Zines

Compost this Zine by Liz Defiance

Greenwoman by gardener and urban chicken-farmer Sandra Knauf.

Fertile, Free, & Easy - a compzine on gardening and reproduction with topics ranging from bonsai to butter.

(Also, check out Moss Graffiti - a type of DIY topiary that uses nature as a form of free expression. It's really, really cool.)


When your garden is ready to be picked, browse through these zines:

The Fruits (and Vegetables) Are Coming! : a Vegan Cookzine

Peace Ridge Sanctuary Cookbook 2011 : a Collection of our Favorite Vegan Recipes - featuring gluten-free and raw recipes

Kitchen Witch - family friendly vegetarian and vegan meals

My body is a glorious manifestation of nature not a toxic waste dump : Easy, inexpensive, natural, quick, healthy, life-affirming, vegan recipes - long title, tasty food.