Recap: Feminist Zine Fest

This past weekend, the Barnard Zine Library went a'tabling at the Feminist Zine Fest! Here's a recap of my experiences that day and some lovely pictures:

When I arrived outside the Feminist Zine Fest at Brooklyn Commons, I didn't know what to expect. The place was just starting to fill in and I set up my zines on a table near the door, next to Barnard Zine Librarian Jenna and her plethora of zine library-related works. My roommate made the rounds to the different tables as I munched on a granola bar, waiting for people to arrive.


And arrive they did! Although I had expected a slow crowd, after just a half hour, the place was buzzing with alternative press addicts, all of them displaying amazing fashion sense and a love for zines. By 2pm, they were bottlenecking near the door and there was great excitement as the first zine reading started, featuring the editors and a contributor (Jenna, my zine library boss extraordinaire!) of a new book on documenting feminism.

Around 4pm, there was another reading by the zinesters tabling themselves, including the people who publish Hoax zine and other rad feminist zinesters talking about everything from pronoun usage to relationships to treating others with respect. The energy was just so exciting - all these people interested in feminist topics and alternative press? Amazing.

Throughout the day, I met all the different zinesters that I knew way too much about due to having read their zines in our library collection. I would see them, my eyes would get wide, and I would shyly say that I loved their work. Also, completely out of the blue, I met Cynosure, the wonderful blogger that I have been reading for the past year. There were Bluestockings employees right across from us and chill people doing artwork and all types of representation. There were several Barnard alumnae and even an incoming student that had just recently gotten her acceptance letter! Every few minutes, I would gasp, fangirl-like, at something new and wonderful that came into my view. In a perfect world, I could keep connected with all the people I saw and met that day. Alas, zine communities are tenuous at best, and it's really rare to get so many of us in the same room together (though the internet is definitely bridging that gap).

Now it's time to gear up for the Brooklyn Zine Fest in April!