Zines Available (Despite Being Designated Unavailable in CLIO)

Monday, May 21-July 30
Barnard Library/LeFrak Center

Things get a little messy sometimes during a move, even library catalog records. Because the overwhelming majority of our library holdings will not be available this summer, everything in the CLIO location "Barnard" including "Barnard Special Collections" will be designated unavailable in CLIO until we reopen in the Milstein Teaching and Learning Center (MTLC) in September. (woohoo!)

However, the zines, location Barnard will be available until the library staff move into the MTLC the week of July 30th. The special collections zines will not.

Questions? Email the zine librarian, Jenna Freedman, and/or the Director of Collections Strategy and Library Operations, Kristen Hogan.

Jul. 21, 2018 - 8:35 AM