Fall 2016
A joyous spirit enveloped Riverside Church as the Barnard community assembled for Convocation, the ceremonial opening of the new academic year (see story, page 8). Alumnae of...
Fall 2016
*/ It begins with a cryptic email summoning a student to a meeting at the Office of Student Life. If she passes muster—eager, agile, and able to...
Fall 2016
The Barnard community heralded the new academic year with nearly 70 alumnae class officers joining new and returning students on campus. Keynote speaker Marcia L. Sells ’81,...
Summer 2016
Over a long career in communications, Elaine Schlozman Chapnick ’61 has devoted herself to children’s issues, public health, and other societal issues. She worked on educational programming...

Participate in a Mobile Zine Tour!

The collective mobile zine project Cross Pollinate is looking for your participation in their show and tell zine tour. The central mission of Cross Pollinate is to create spaces and communities across the country for people to exchange wisdom, skills, ideas, and art. Participation in this tour may entail traveling in the zine mobile, contributing to Cross Pollinate's project at their local stops, organizing local events, and hosting tourmates in your home.  Though their exact route is not explicity planned, they shall venture out from California in the last week of June, head up through the West Coast, then eventually land in Nebraska in early August. They are still open for potential destinations, hosts, and organizers across the country. Cross Pollinate is especially interested in bringing their project to marginialized areas such as international communities, land projects, small towns and rural areas, and wheel-chair accessible venues.

To find out more information:

To get in touch with the organizers of the tour email:

Ain't I A Woman? Recap

First: the background. I am a blogger for Refuse the Silence, an organization headed by the great Morgane Richardson and the people that hosted this event. And, because I am a huge nerd, I got giddy at the idea of seeing some of my favorite bloggers speak at this event about something I really care about: race in the feminist movement.

(The picture is of me and Latoya Peterson (editor of Racialicious) after the event! Don't we look chilled out?)

-- Jordan A.
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