Fall 2016
Barnard’s library has a unique collection of more than 10,000 handmade, self-published magazines—known as “zines”—that bring original perspectives to the library’s collection. Though self-published books and pamphlets...

Day 2 - Read Your Favorite Zine

I'm crossing off Days 2 and 4 at once by reading this series today. It's the International Queer Art and Activism Zine: Exploring the intersections of art and activism.

It's International Zine Month!

You know what that means? An entire month of zine related activities! The amazing and talented Alex Wrekk has created a poster to to help everyone keep track of all 31 activities you can do. I'm so excited I think I'll start right now!

Zines from the Borderlands: Storytelling about Mixed-Heritage

Come participate in a vibrant conversation about race, gender and sexuality with four zinesters, activists, and media-makers this Thursday! 


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