With Jenna Freedman, Anne Hays, Julia Lipscomb & Maya Pindyck
Tuesday, 1/28, 4-5:30pm
Teacher's College: 306 Russell
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We recently noticed that several of Kelli's zines were missing from the library.

It's time for round 2 of our best zine-related cataloging entries!

This is the week I finish cataloging Keight Bergmann's donation. Thank you SO MUCH Keight!!!

That's Keight on the front/right wearing a blue scarf. Also pictured are Yumi Lee (back left), who donated her zines in 2006; Marissa Falco (in the cute hat), who donated her zine collection in 2009 and Laura Fisher, holding the bicycle (maybe we'll get her zines in 2015?). Photo by Eleanor Whitney, posted on Ladies, Women and Girls

Barnard Zine Library Tour 5pm: meeting in Lehman Hall lobby

Janice Radway talk 6pm: Butler Library, Room 523

Free & open to the public. There will be snacks & beverages.

The deadline is today and the theme is the "Coalition Edition!"

Friday the 13th black cat because any excuse to post a photo of a cat. (But I'm not a complete librarian stereotype because I don't knit.)

Harvey at Rainbow Bookstore in Madison, WI. Photo by Debbie Rasmussen



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