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Joshunda Sanders was the inaugural Barnard Library's Research Award winner for zines. She visited Barnard the first week in September.


Zine cover hotos by Joshunda Sanders

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Black Lesbian DIY Fest 2014 @ Lesbian Herstory Archives on Saturday, October 18, 2014

Make sure to go to the "Black Lesbian DIY Fest @ Lesbian Herstory Archives," on October 18th, 2014 from 11am-5pm. It will offer self-identified black lesbians a space to sell, share, or trade zines, chapbooks, posters, art, pamphlets, small press books or any other forms of handmade or DIY print based items.

They are accepting applications to table until September 13th. Self-identified black lesbians are given tabling preference regardless of content, however allies with materials/content about black lesbians are strongly encouraged to apply.

Black Lesbian DIY Fest is organized by Sherley C. Olopherne, the curator of the zine series “Black Lesbians @Lesbian Herstory Archives 1980s-2010.” (We have a version of that zine about Black Lesbians in the '70s.)

All profits go to the Lesbian Herstory Archives!

Exploring the role of librarianship in activism.

I'm crossing off Days 2 and 4 at once by reading this series today. It's the International Queer Art and Activism Zine: Exploring the intersections of art and activism.

You know what that means? An entire month of zine related activities! The amazing and talented Alex Wrekk has created a poster to to help everyone keep track of all 31 activities you can do. I'm so excited I think I'll start right now!


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