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I am a junior at Barnard who spends a lot of time thinking about and finding ways to combine art, activism, and identity. 

Come over to the Barnard Library for our annual zine-making event this Wednesday, July 23 11:00-5:00! We'll have our usual 6 hour zine challenge, but anyone can stop in for any amount of time they choose. We'll have juice boxes, vegan snacks, and glue sticks (but those are not for eating). Come join us and finish anything you might have started on our MTA Zine residency, which was featured in the New York Times! Hope to see you!

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The Anchor Archive Zine Library is re-opening this Thursday! 

Zine library starting in Chattanooga, Tennessee's public library.

We recently noticed that several of Kelli's zines were missing from the library.

It's time for round 2 of our best zine-related cataloging entries!

We wanted to know how zine makers feel about our library making copies of their zines or portions of their zines for remote researchers and prison inmates, so we made a survey. If you make a zine now or have done so in the past, would you consider filling out the survey for us? It should take fewer than five minutes of your time. The survey will close on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013.

Happy Sunday, zinesters! If you participated in Booklyn's 24-Hour Zine Challenge, I hope that you are feeling productive and accomplished right now.

Today's featured zine is That Girl #13. Kelli gives a detailed account of her difficult pregnancy, which she endured while completing a master's thesis. Talk about stressful! She was in the hospital for 65 days and her newborn son was in intensive care for 70 days. The author is not afraid to delve into some of the scarier parts of having a baby that don't always get mentioned in traditional pregnancy literature. It's a great story and I reccommend it to anyone.

Photo from Portland Button Works. You can buy a copy of the zine there! Also avaliable on Etsy.


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