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Zine Assistant Wanted!

First year student with work study or Barnard College Job.


DIY zines take the scene in

Collaboratory workshops at Vassar College

What's Up, I'm Kyara!

I am a junior at Barnard who spends a lot of time thinking about and finding ways to combine art, activism, and identity. 

Zine Library Day Event!

Come over to the Barnard Library for our annual zine-making event this Wednesday, July 23 11:00-5:00! We'll have our usual 6 hour zine challenge, but anyone can stop in for any amount of time they choose. We'll have juice boxes, vegan snacks, and glue sticks (but those are not for eating). Come join us and finish anything you might have started on our MTA Zine residency, which was featured in the New York Times! Hope to see you!

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