Rave Zines Archive

Wow, Rave Archive has a lot of zines avaliable to read digitally online. They feature zines from the 1990s that document rave and punk music popular at the time from all over the US, UK, and Canada.

Shotgun Seamstress Box Set

If you were at Meet Me at the Race Riot earlier this year, then you had the privilegeof seeing Osa Atoe read from her amazing zine Shotgun Seamstress. She is now releasing all six issues as one box set. She's even throwing in a free mixtape! Don't miss this chance to own such an important part of  zine punk history!

Alice Bag on Punk Lit, Punk Rock, & Chicana Identity

Check out this amazing interview with punk rocker Alice Bag, on her new autobiography Violence Girl: A Chicana Punk Story. Beyond the book itself (which I really really want to buy and read in the few hours of free time I have in between classes and homework), she discusses punk identity and how that intersects with her own identity as a Chicana woman. Complicated, fascinating stuff. Here's a quote from the article:


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