zines - new

This week we added zines about Barnard Boldies, feelings, comedians, fake news, technical theater, living with a disability, women skateboarders, 1993 teenhood including a discussion of the BH90210 love triangle, and an interview with a "riot boy."

zines about library access to queer patrons, the American Disabilities Act, queer Muslims, radical home ec, the Richmond Independent Zine Library, self-care, sex dreams, troubled friendships, truck stops, and sobriety.

with zines about adolescence, grief, feminism, gravestones, church signs, Latinx identity, swiping right, sobriety, BMX, candy, asexuality, neurodivergence, and song lyrics

Zines about Harry Potter, asexuality, the Ghost Ship fire, physical and mental health, and zine cataloging.