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According to the Holiday Insights calendar, April 21st is Kindergarten Day

From a post by homeschooling teacher Heather Woodie

April 7 is National No Housework Day. I observe that holiday pretty much every day that I'm not expecting a houseguest. Except laundry. I do that sometimes. 

Cover from author's Etsy shop.

This is a book/zine store in Austin on E. Cesar Chavez St. in Austin. Photo from BrinkBlog.

Okay, I don't remotely care about St. Patrick or his day, except that it's the birthday of my cat Bad Bad Leroy Brown and her six siblings. 

Photo of Bad Bad Leroy Brown living up to her name, from zinecats.tumblr.com

Photo by Gina Murrell from the NYC Feminist Zine Fest, used with permission. Seems like a nice International Women's Day image. 

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, seated, and Susan B. Anthony, standing. Library of Congress. I'm pretty sure they're collaborating on a zine here.

Because eff Presidents' Day. 

So my birthday is Sunday, and though my cataloging day is Monday, I imagine I'll spend at least a few birthday hours cataloging zines, cuz that's what I do.

This portrait of my cats was my birthday present from my dearest zine friend, commissioned from another zine friend

It's been a while, but I'm back in the zine cataloging saddle and dedicate this week's additions to my sister Danna, whose 30th birthday it is today. 

This photo of Danna is fitting for a blog post about zines. 

Zine-like publications (authored by a nun) I saw at the SAKALA library in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

This is what I look like when I'm cataloging zines from home, as I was on December 30. 

Photo originally accompanied an interview on Girls in a Tight Place