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Sadly, we don't have any issues of Pagan's Head zine at Barnard, though we do have Pagan Kennedy's books. I'm using her zine cover as a weird nod to today being the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy being assassinated. 

Pagan's Head cover from Hilobrow

In which I learn that long-time zine maker Sarah Rose is a professional balloon twister. 

I'm married to a first-time marathoner running New York on Sunday, so this cataloging report is dedicated to him. 

This is the week I finish cataloging Keight Bergmann's donation. Thank you SO MUCH Keight!!!

That's Keight on the front/right wearing a blue scarf. Also pictured are Yumi Lee (back left), who donated her zines in 2006; Marissa Falco (in the cute hat), who donated her zine collection in 2009 and Laura Fisher, holding the bicycle (maybe we'll get her zines in 2015?). Photo by Eleanor Whitney, posted on Ladies, Women and Girls

Don't get me wrong--we don't take Columbus Day off at Barnard, nor do I want to honor Cristofero Colombo in any way. It's just a different thing to say than Zine Cataloging Report: 10/11/13. This will be a half day's worth of zine cataloging since I spent a few hours today at a radical archives working group meeting organized by Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani

I thought cataloging this week was going to be messed up because of the government shutdown and the resultant shutdown of the Library of Congress resources to which I refer. But...it seems that the LoC web is back!

Last night the ABC No Rio cat, Cookiepuss left the building. One of her favorite places at No Rio was the zine library, where she would keep the zines awaiting processing warm and furry. This week's entry is dedicated to her.

(photo from HollowSidewalks Flickr stream)


Package from Project Bridget distro, now known as Autostop

Friday the 13th black cat because any excuse to post a photo of a cat. (But I'm not a complete librarian stereotype because I don't knit.)

Harvey at Rainbow Bookstore in Madison, WI. Photo by Debbie Rasmussen