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This week we added zines about the movie The Craft and the author's relationship with witchcraft, things a 3.5 year old tells her mother, depression, Saturday Night Live fandom and the early World Wide Web, 19th century Irish nationalist Anna Parnell, feminism on the UIUC campus, a water park in Salt Lake, zine making, and a love for Texas.

This week we added zines about moving, dating, San Francisco, mail art, Christmas with the family, feminism in the age of Trump, unrecommended books, a bad zine tour experience, and punk studies.

This week we added zines about likes, Emily Dickinson's sexuality, Blackness and the internet, women art subjects, Frida Kahlo, teenage feminism, the emotional aftermath of sexual assault, perimenopause, sailor sexuality, comfort women, a Jewish holocaust survivor, bisexuals of color, feminist spaces, and vegans of color. 

This week we added zines about Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, SASEs, making and teaching with zines, teen feminism, urban education, agricultural sustainability, male pregnancy, Nicolas Cage, and sex negativity. 

This week we added zines about Les Miserables, radical politics and kink, friendship, vegan straightedge posi queers, where intersex meets Star Trek, the Barnard Archives, and high school environmentalism, and a review zine. 

This week we added zines about patriarchy in left movements, wanting to be somewhere else, anger and regret, weight loss, gender identity, crushes, comics-making, death and depression, anarchists in Palestine, disordered eating, online dating, transgender people, pornography, and suicide, and an anti-Zionist Passover haggadah.

The 2018 Disorientation Guide, IMATS & Media Center, Sticks & Stones #14: Nostalgia, and What's Your Role: Barnard Sustainability First Year Guide 2018

This week we added zines to our library about Black women and fashion history, parenting a five-year old, being a person of color in predominantly white activist communities, kink and radical politics, Candy Darling, friendship, growing up queer, bicycle touring, and punk culture, as well as tiny poems about food, recipes, and life advice from a Toronto art exhibit. 

This week we added zines to our collection about baby versions of Ann Coulter, Betsy DeVos, and Tomi Lahren, a Black Lives Matter protest, Latinx punks, being bullied, childhood loves and fears, the Michigan Womyn's Music Festive, depression, antisemitism, and teaching high school, and daily comics from a long-time LA zinester, a zine of zine reviews.

This week we're adding zines to our collection about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, taking public transportation, menstruating, a zine reading going badly, depression and self-doubt post suicide attempt, feminist rage, touring with Sister Spit, Kellyanne Conway, and Mark Zuckerberg, and daily comics from an animal lover, daily comics about travel, and a 1993 mail art directory with a link to full text on a BBS.