Art, Activism, and Pedagogy: Some Feminist Views

This conference on Thursday, April 5th  at Parsons: The New School For Design will consider feminist art as a zone of multi-disciplinary art production associated with a radical critique of gendered power relations in society. Speakers include Susan Bee, A. K. Burns, Audrey Chan, Maureen Connor, Caitlin Rueter & Suzanne Stroebe and Ulrike Müller. Free admission!

Feminist Zine Fest 2/25

We're super excited to be tabling at this event!

Pandora Press - Issue 3!

Pandora Press is the Swansea Feminist Network zine.  It is a publication written by and for intelligent creative women, which represents what the SFN is all about! You can get involved in any way – get more info on their website!

Alice Bag on Punk Lit, Punk Rock, & Chicana Identity

Check out this amazing interview with punk rocker Alice Bag, on her new autobiography Violence Girl: A Chicana Punk Story. Beyond the book itself (which I really really want to buy and read in the few hours of free time I have in between classes and homework), she discusses punk identity and how that intersects with her own identity as a Chicana woman. Complicated, fascinating stuff. Here's a quote from the article:

Why does Judith Butler have to be so hard?

I sat down with Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, salivating to sink my teeth into a juicy argument against the gender binary...only to be slapped in the face with sentences like "What happens to the subject and to the stability of gender categories when the epistemic regime of presumptive heterosexuality is unmasked as that which produces and reifies these ostensible categories of ontology?" ...

Unladylike by Ladydrawers

New to us minicomic compilation: Unladylike by The Ladydrawers: Zines L3393u 2011.

Awesome Events at Bluestockings!

There are some awesome feminist events coming up this weekend at Bluestockings! They've got authors, artisits, and a workshop on orgasms! Click more for dates and times.

Reading: Cindy Crabb “The Encyclopedia of Doris”

Cindy Crabb has been writing the influential, internationally distributed, autobiographical-feminist zine Doris since the early 90’s. Join us in celebrating her new book “The Encyclopedia of Doris,” which brings together the last 10 years of Doris zines with a ton of new writing at Bluestockings Bookstore, Sunday, September 25 at 7:00.


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