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Feminist Zine Fest 2014: SPLICElit Recap

Photo of zine fest organizers by Ayelet Pearl (Pictured from left to right: Rachel Casiano Hernandez, Jordan Alam, Sari Ardcarran, Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Bakaitis)

Virago #2

--A zine is something I do because I have something to say and I don't care who sees it as long as it's out there.
--Being a feminist has nothing to do with my armpits or my sexuality (both are fine, thanks for asking).
--Being a feminist is NOT man-bashing. Got that? (Though I wonder if so many people ask me that because male-oriented things are usually so ferociously unfriendly and demeaning to women. Don't judge me by the boys' rules, okay? I'm a human, treat me that way.) It's working for pesky things like equal pay for equal work, abortion access, helping battered women, affirmative action, welfare rights, birth control, daycare, ending racism, healing rape victims -- there's no fucking time for man-bashing. Don't I wish there was.
Sarah Manvel. Virago #2. July 1996. Page 3.


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