Should I start playing Neko Atsume? This has nothing to do with the zines I cataloged this week, but the question is weighing on me.

Image from Welcome to Wonderland blog post/playing instructions

While I was cataloging the zines in this blog post the class of 2015 was partying on the lawn outside the library.

The Pioneer Valley Zine Fest happened this weekend while I was cataloging over a hot laptop.

I hope the organizers, tablers and other participants had the best time!

Cataloging like a pharaoh!

Love & Justice in Times of War haggadah cover from SaltyFemme blog

Here's what it looked like in NYC on this fine first day of spring, 2015.

photo from NBC Nightly News on Twitter

Linz Zuelich made a zine every Friday for a while. Did she really mean zine, I wonder, or collage?

Photo from PennGSWS on Twitter

ICYMI you should peruse the tweets from the BCRW Scholar & Feminist conference: Action on Education on Feb. 27 & 28, 2015.

Photo from Goats on Things Tumblr

The year of the goat or the sheep began this week. Barnard periodicals assistant June Ye thinks goat is more correct. The goat in this photo does, too.

Friday the 13th Craphound wallpaper from Reading Frenzy

This is what a long-armed stapler with googly eyes looks like.


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