zines cataloging

Photo from Goats on Things Tumblr

The year of the goat or the sheep began this week. Barnard periodicals assistant June Ye thinks goat is more correct. The goat in this photo does, too.

Friday the 13th Craphound wallpaper from Reading Frenzy

This is what a long-armed stapler with googly eyes looks like.

In honor of National Inane Answering Message Day, this week's lede image is a lady and her giant telephone receiver and tangled curly cord.

We don't have this zine by Mel Stringer, unfortunately.

The relationship between this book and zines?

It was written by one of our zine collection donors, Lauren Jade Martin, who published a zine called Who Is Fit for Motherhood: Why Abortion Is Not the Only Reproductive Right in 1999.

Dr. Martin grew up from zine girl to tenure track Women's Studies coordinator. Congratulations, Lauren!

It's also the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's birth, which further makes the case for Lauren's book being the poster image for today's cataloging update.


Here's a zine a friend sent me that I'm keeping for myself. Sorry, Barnard Zine Library!

The Barnard Zine Library does not hold this zine, but the image goes with the Boxing Day title.

Page from Creative Review 'Sweet Science' Boxing Zines


While I was cataloging zines, these two things were happening:

Guess which one I wish I'd attended.

This is what's going on at your zine librarian's house about now, aside from cataloging other people's zines:

Farfel is this close to kicking my zine copies off the table if I don't pay attention to him.