zines cataloging

This week we added zines about heavy music, pleasing immigrant parents, long bus rides, shorter bus rides, growing up Catholic, teaching high school English in Chicago, 1990s popular culture, and dating, along with international mail art and a reprint of a one-act play about lesbians of yore plus an interview with the playwright.

This week we added zines to our collection about sex, sexy times, 1990s sex chat room culture, a 1998 NYC zine fest, and bad jobs, along with erotic fiction, sex zine catalogs, photo zines, and 1990s musician interviews, including Jane Wiedlin.

This week we added zines about PTSD in Harry Potter, librarians, resistance in the age of Trump, finding friends in fiction, pornography, stripping, depressed girls in love with demons, and soda fandom. 

This week we added zines to our collection about accordion playing and players, food and environmentalism, 1990s Canadian feminism, and a short story about a romantic relationship and several issues of the Columbia Philolexian Society's publication. 

This week we added zines about finances in the age of Trump, the zine library at Franklin and Marshall, a year in the life of a 44-year-old vegan and mother, NYC philia, celebrity memoirs, red heads, a new riot grrrl zine distro, boy bands, heartbreak, and feminism, along with a zine review zine, a  collection of six-word stories, and a crafty ladies calendar.

This week we added zines to our collection about crafting, haunted houses, dating, popular culture, ill health, a Taishan grandmother's history, safer sex for trans woman, and friends, along with daily comics by a Californian and interview with zine makers

This week we added zines about Lit Hum, crafting and spirituality, Christmas, home projects, a peeping Tom landlord, a zoo gorilla, daily detritus, a hungry homeless person, and book recommendations.

This week we added zines to our collection about polyamory, wellness, roller derby, feminism, Legos lost at sea, a one-night stand, ladies rock camp, going to the movies, growing up queer in a small southern town, getting into a fight at a metal show, and revolutionary dreams. Other zines  contain daily sketches from an animal lover from Portland, portraits of Sister Spit performers, and labor song lyrics and chords.

This week we added zines about the fantasy vacations of the mother of a preschooler, sexual harassment, climate change effects on bird migration and home birdfeeders, getting divorced, a long protest walk in the southwest, transgender identities, street harassment, punk culture in Ohio, smile harassment, sober punk culture, and zine history.

This week we've added zines about losing your glasses, long-term survival of sexual abuse, whaling, the history of weather balloons, a blind date, race and gender politics in punk, mental health, drawing lessons, caregiving, punk songs, wondering what to do after graduating from college, a fight with a bouncer at a Dwarves show, Slut Walk, and neutrois life.