zines cataloging

This week we added zines about ableist microaggressions, femme culture, the dark side of technology, camping, Asian American heritage, meeting Ursula Le Guin, popular culture, Quechua, Quechua for kids, dating and being slovenly, making really good cappuccinos, living in polyamory, and eating in Brazil.

This week we added zines about capitalism, cell phone filmmaking, Columbia trying to privatize a public park, femme art, shrinking cis men to pocket size, letter-writing, self-defense (in Spanish), how an incarcerated woman feels about being rehabilitated, dating and breaking up, being a sick witch, Tejana queers, and a comic about hot dogs and the 2018 NYC Feminist Zinefest program. 

This week we added zines about a Brooklyn College student protest, MICA's Decker Library erotic and zine collections, body hair, fire cider, friendship, critical information literacy, mullein, fears, a strange illness, disconnecting from news in Trump America, cats, and breastfeeding.

This week we added zines about anarchafeminists, microaggressions against women, having a parent with Alzheimer's disease, activism for girls, critical fashion studies, making art from scraps, working as a library clerk, an early 20th century Chinese immigrant woman, personal demons, and queer southerners, along with love poems and instructions for screenprinting in the Design Center.

This week we added zines about seeing shows, mental health in librarianship, an LA life in daily comics, a college student in Virginia, a college student in Canada, endless rain in Puget Sound, and feminist high schoolers' art and flash fiction about twentysomething life. 

This week we added zines about books, weather balloons, zine workshops, phallic fruits and vegetables, the Memphis College of Art zine collection, data privacy, parenting a kindergartener, feminist pop culture, self-care, in-between times, sexting, and 1996 punk culture.

This week we added zines about Korean skincare, punk skincare, high school friends becoming Nazis and/or amounting to nothing, pet cats, tales from a ska musician, depression, and gender dysmorphia. 

This week we added zines about a pet dog, raising a son under the patriarchy, memories of Puerto Rico, traveling solo as a sober lesbian, Transistor fan art, being queer and Muslim, youth protests, queerness and disability, fat feminism, and mental health.  

This week we added zines to our library about bicycle-riding with a four-year-old, the attack on Kim Kardashian, brujeria, hirsuteness, reading preferences, Native people in punk scenes, life off the gender binary, coming out to a Muslim immigrant mom, bicycling while brown, a DIY zine en español, and a "review zine with perzine tendencies."

This week we added zines about Filipinx experiences, late 20th century popular culture, natural Black hair, contemporary and historical Native experiences, bros in punk, Sailor Moon, Pacific Island experiences, immigrant assimilation, gender identity, touring while mentally ill, and hot trans people.