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Call For Submissions: Aging Zine

//If you'd like to hear it I can sing it for you//

A zine on aging and memory loss

Pander Zine Distro Twenty-Year Anniversary Tribute Zine

Mimi Nguyen is putting together a zine about Pander, the bitd zine distro that helped Mimi make Evolution of a Race Riot happen. Did you ever buy from or distro with Pander? Share your love with Mimi & company for a zine to debut at the 2015 Chicago Zine Fest. Contributions due 2/1/15. 

All hail, Ericka Bailie-Byrne!!!

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen #4 is taking submissions right now on ways in which intersections can create more productive and positive activist spaces. Ideas include, but are not limited to, "The role of internet activism, navigating queer spaces, accessibility, academic theory and exclusivity, the role of allies, the "boy's club" in the emo/punk scene, navigating social change under the anarcho-lens, negotiating the neo-western perspectives of feminism, body politics, and art as activism." Talk about variety!

Period. The Zine!

Amelia and Sarah have just finished putting together Period. The Zine! and are already beginning to take submissions for issue #2. You know you want to submit something or get a copy of issue 1!

Nannyzine Submissions

Do you have a story about babysitting / nannying? Submit to The Hand that Rocks the Cradle before June 16! #Nannyzine


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