Zine Cataloging Report, January 30, 2011

Slow to Divine, by Shannon Murphy: Zines M8774s

"Signs of culture: coffeehouses, queer people, consciousness-raising body decorations, ethnic foods, copy stores in walking distance, murals, health food stores and vegetarian restaurants, bookstores with large poetry sections, feminist bookstores, used CD stores, underground movie theaters, a college campus (sometimes), a happenin' local music scene, people with all their teeth (or at least a nice set of dentures), a lack of big-haired girls and acid-washed boys."

Slutkissgirl #3-4, by Ciara Xyerra: Zines X84skg

#3: In 1996 16-year-old Ciara, who now runs a blog called Crabigail Adams gets--and reprints--her first hate letter. 

Small-Town Girl #6, by Eureka/Arcata Riot Grrrls: Zines E87s

"The other day, I was chatting with my pal. She told me she thought she was a 'slut.' We discussed this for a little while and came to the conclusion that she was just a very cute, ripe strawberry. We decided that was an appropriate title. 'Strawberry' is a term which comes from the Mitch Miller disco days. It is a person that gets into a relationship involving sexual activity primary to a relationship. In between relationships, this person usually sleeps with others and always cares for every mate given the exception of assholes that don't care. We decided this term is more acceptable and polite than bitch, slut, whore, loose, etc. I love my strawberry pal."

Smart Ass #2-4, by Shea'la Finch: Zines F563s

1994 lesbian teen battles sexual harassment, feminist & riot grrrl stereotyping, and anorexia nervosa.