Zine Cataloging Report, February 6, 2011


The (Not So) Glamorous (Okay, Maybe a Little Bit) Life of the Zine Intern by Erin Elzi, 2010: Zines E49n

"Thanks to. . . My cat. I don't know if rolling around in my materials and tools as I was cutting and pasting is helping per se, but it definitely was something."

Simply Something About Me, 1994?, Zines S567

San Francisco Pride Parade and Seattle Indigo Girls concert clippings. 

Soliloquy #3 by Kristen Braun, 2000?: Zines B7386s

"I can not drive. I do not go to college, I do not have a job, I do not baby-sit, I do not teach, I do not read to a blind man.

"All I do is write a zine, clean my room, escort my friends into the depths of sin and host a weekly radio show.

"I used to work in a greenhouse, baby-sit, read to a blind man, and teach English. I am going to college in January. I never could drive."

Some Thoughts by Chris Boarts, 1992: Zines B637t

From the editor of the long-running Slug & Lettuce, "Living in a concentrated environment like NYC, you find that it brings out the worst in people. I have come to truly dislike people. I think we're all evil. And much as I understand and know why people in this city are like that, it doesn't make it ok."


Some Yoga Asanas for Gynaecological Health by Lin & Lisa, May 1999, reproduced by the Blood Sisters: Zines B46637s

Something Catchy Here #2, 1998: Zines B4357s

"I'm not sure how far back the time line traces, because the show was more interested in its future. It seems that the line gradually declines until it drops off the linear scale at the year: 2012. 

"The scientist involved in this research has theorized this year signifies one of two events

  1. the end of al life as we know it
  2. the invention of a time machine (or some form of time travel) which would move the monitored line into a third dimension, one not measurable upon a linear graph such as he devised."

The Sound of the Hollow #1 by Nova, late 1990s?: Zines B3555s

Catholic high school straightedge girl. 

Sourpuss #8 by Sara McCool, 1995?: Zines M3366s

"people I meet are so amazed that I care so much about what other people think, I guess they imagine that im a feminist so I dont have feelings or something. or that im not sure about what im doing, maybe im a feminist because i know the struggle so well, i cant brush off not being cared about, yeah I care, I care a lot, I care way too much than I should. ... Im not fighting hard enough for the struggle, but no one else is, I found no solidarity here like I was supposed to. what am I supposed to do? ... I was supposed to feel happy here, but i dont I dont know, so untogether, so unright, I think about how all my life I wished for a boyfriend, yeah man-haiting, head riot grrrl me, fuck that, i'm sick of that. ... but its all too confusing to you so you lump me into this little militant stereotype of what im expected to do or say. man i hate this because people obviously have minds that are so shut tight, that im a feminist therefore I am not human..."

South by Alessandra Naccarto, 2006: Zines N33s

[space] by Moira Clunie, 2000: Zines M65s

"i didn't mean to make a zine.
"this writing started as a journal, kept online in a secret place, shared with a faraway friend and a couple of snoopers. i don't want to out that journal [yet], but i wanted to put this writing into wider circulation. i'm scared to, i don't even know if i like it. if you think something about it, please write to me and tell me."

Sparkly Angel Zine by Sara Berry, 2000?: Zines B4779s

i used to be a happy gal--what happened to that? did it disappear in the wind? i used to be known for laughing like a silly girl. i was self-contained tho--it was before my depression broke loose. i used to play and be happy; member that? why am i not like that any more and why has sadness moved in and blown away all of the happiness i used to have? it makes no sense because i want to be happy again. i am nice to others but i am still unhappy. do you even remember who i am? 

Speranza #8 by Chantal, 1995?: Zines C536s no. 8

Spime #1 by Suzanne Baumann, 1997?: Zines B3863s no. 1