Zine Classes Taught at Barnard

We teach with zines, working with area and visiting middle school, high school, and college students, and Girl Scout troop! Contact zine librarian Jenna Freedman to schedule a workshop. 

Pictured above: Bronx Practice Makes Perfect middle schoolers, taught by Andrea Adomako BC '15. 2017

Spring 2019

Class/Instructor Format Affiliation
Social Justice theme: Misra Walker Class/Workshop Girls Inc. in the Young Women's Leadership School
Social Justice Project Time: Kyle Lukoff Class/Workshop Corlears School
Social Justice and Inclusion: Lauren Percy Class Sulzberger & Reid Halls
Witches: Wendy Schor-Haim Class/Workshop First Year Seminar
Race, Science, and Reproductive Justice: Cecelia Lie-Spahn Class/Workshop First Year Seminar
Feminism and the Politics of Anger: Meredith Benjamin Class First Year Seminar
Inventing Childhood: Donna Paparella Class/Workshop First Year Seminar
Writing as Activism: Melissa Tombro Class FIT
Feminist Cultural Studies: Kate Eichhorn Class Eugene Lang College
Graphic Novel: Barbara Mann Class/Workshop Jewish Theological Seminary
Library Ambassadors: Laura Winnick Class/Workshop Blue School
Honors English: Toni Presti Class/Workshop Marvelwood School
Affect and Activism: Manijeh Moradian Class WGSS
Book Arts: Mylo Mendez Class Parsons
People, Power, Protest: Marnie Brady Class First Year Seminar
Photo Seminar: Katherine Hubbard Class Columbia School of the Arts

Fall 2018

Class/Instructor Format Affiliation
Sociology of Gender: Marnie Brady Workshop Barnard Sociology
Back at Barnard Workshop Barnard Residence Life
Modes of Inquiry: Sayantani DasGupta Class Columbia CSER

Summer 2018

Zine Matters: Erica Cardwell's class Workshop Barnard PCP
Zine Overview & History: Laura Winnick's class Workshop Booklyn
Zine-Making as Feminist Practice Workshop YWLI, Barnard PCP
Human Rights Zines Workshop Ohio State University

Spring 2018

Artist as Writer Fine Arts Parsons
Seizing the Means of Publication Workshop Syracuse University
Feminist Futures: Alex Pittman's class First Year Seminar Barnard College
People, Power, and Protest: Marnie Brady's class First Year Seminar Barnard College

Fall 2017

Zine Making Sociology of Gender Barnard College
Art/Zines Cooke School High School
Zine Making Girl Scout Troop 3484 Middle School
NYC Zine Culture New School College

Summer 2017

Feminist Art and Space In New York City Barnard Pre-College  High School
Manifesto Zines Barnard YWLI High school
Human Rights Zines Columbia University College
Summoning the Archive NYU Conference Scholars

Spring 2017

Women and Art St. Joseph's College
Photobook SVA College
Photography Columbia University College