Living Doll Disaster

I love this short, full size minicomic with comics about: 

* sexism against women musicians

"When my ex-roommate went to try out electric [guitar]s she had a hard time getting noticed . . .
"After she tried a few and decided that they were crappy, the salesguy actually said, 'There now. Did you get that out of your system?'"

*Fleetwood Mac

* Jane Bond
. . .She's a librarian
. . .She's a superspy
. . .She's a female action hero!

* job hunting

"Hi! I was wondering if you'd like to pay me minimum wage and exploit both my neediness and my irrational fear of authority."
Picture of pirate ship captioned "Then, just as I was beginning to think that piracy was the only option" and pirate shouting "Give me all your vegetables!"

* assumptions about heteronormativity and more sexism

* things I don't ever want to hear again, including gems like
Well, I'm no feminist but . . . 
A women-only space? Isn't that just reverse discrimination?
You're a vegan? What do you eat?

* lots of things she's thankful for

Photo of the author wearing an awesomely awesome shirt: 

And I just requested that we order her book, Grrrl.

Thanks, Andrea Grimes and the San Francisco Public Library for donating this zine.