zine quotations of the day

1997 riot grrrl zine Skank House #2 by Jezkah

Why can't people accept the fact that Nirvana is GONE AND DEAD!!!! I mean what did Nirvana have that Blind Melon didn't have??? Why don't the little alternateen bitches that wear the face of Kurt Cobain wear the face of Shannon Hoon?? I hate it when people say "Why did he have to die, he wuz so cute??" FUCK YOU!! YOU LITTLE ALTERNA-BITCHES GO MOURN OVER THE DEATH OF 90210!!!!!!

Skeleton Key by Ellen, late 1990s/early 2000s?

some nights taste like schlitz sucked out of a paper bag on the roof of a library. . .

i wish i could imprint every detail of my life in my brain and watch the good parts like a movie where the actress looks like me. the way the air smelled, the way his hand felt and the angle at which it intersected with my own, how my throat burned from smoking too much. it's all still somewhere inside of me, but it doesn't feel like my life anymore. 

i don't know how to act around myself anymore. i'm unsure of how one conducts themselves when they cease to be a child. 

Slant #5 by Mimi Nguyen, 1997

By all means, please continue to acknowledge white privilege. It's important that we continue to point out the obvious to each other. (Only a little sarcastic.) But what do you want, a parade? The key to the city? C'mon: I'm tired of being made to feel like I have to be ecstatic every time a white person notes their privilege. Understand my fatigue, okay, because white feminists have been "discovering" their white privilege for years.