Zine Exhibit At The Mathew Gallery!

It's Montez Month at the Mathew Gallery on the Lower East Side and Barnard Zine Library is making an appearance! Hosted by Montez Press, with events from SALT. Magazine, Feminist Press, and many more, we've set up a selection on excerpted zines for visitors in the gallery that will be up until early September. Each weekend, Montez will host different artists and authors to present their feminist work with Barnard's collected works available for browsing throughout public visiting hours. 


Zines include Slant and Slander by Mimi Thi Nguyen, Memoirs of a Queer Hapa by Jackie Wang, Ring of Fire by Hellery Homosex/ET Russian, and many more. Stop by sometime this summer to check out this curated array of fabulous zine work, as well as visual and written work from tons of other awesome feminist artists. 


The Mathew Gallery is located at 47 Canal St, LES. We'll see you there!

Check out the press release with full list of events here.