Zine Cataloging: St. Patrick's Day

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Alex #6: Genderqueer by Anne Hays, 2013

"...I see myself as a feminine guy...Typically, when I present who I am to other people, I (think I) present as a masculine woman."

The Amalgamated Everlasting Union Chorus Local 824 by Moe Bowstern, 1998

The Amalgamated Everlasting Union Chorus Local 824 Hip Mama Songbook by Moe Bowstern, 2001

The Amalgamated Everlasting Union Chorus Local 824 #5: Happy Birthday! by Moe Bowstern, 2002

"That first show set many of the traditions we hold still: boys in dresses and girls in suits; original lyrics set to old tunes; event promoters' incorrec rendition of our name; showing up late to a gig and being hustled into a boa onstage anyway; laughing, arguing and singing together."

Anarkitty in the UK by Sarah Fisk and Ilana Kantor, 2012

"Why can't punks draw straight lines?
"Because they have no rulers."

Balls by Jacinta Bunnell, 1996/2004

Dear One by Jacinta Bunnell, 2009

Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell & Julie Novak, 2009

Cover from PM Press

Girls Will be Boys Will Be Girls: a Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell & Irit Reinheimer, 2004

Cover from Soft Skull Press

Not My Small Diary #17: True Tales from High School edited by Delaine Derry Green, 2013?

Cover from Delaine's Etsy shop

Seven Year Sleepover: a Presentation for Your Consideration by Jacinta Bunnell, 2008

Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book words by Jacinta Bunnell, pictures by Nathaniel Kusinitz, 2010

Cover from PM Press

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Xtra Tuf by Moe Bowstern

#2: Salmon Season 1997

#3: The Beach Seiner issue 2001

#5: The Strike Issue 2005

Cover from Good Reads

#6: The Greenhorn Issue 2010

Cover from Microcosm

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Batman (Television program : 1966-1968). 


Couples--Anniversaries, etc.

Prisons--United States--20th century.